DIY Laundry Powder

********************************I no longer use this laundry powder recipe as I found my clothes started to smell! An update on the DIY laundry powder I now use will feature in a future post ūüôā *****************************


In my quest to become more money conscious¬†I have decided to try SAHM’s recipe for laundry powder. What’s great is that there are no fillers added and you only need a teaspoon for each load. Please bear in mind that I own a 5kg top loader and 1 teaspoon seems to be enough to do the job.


SAHM laundry powder



I made only half the amount for a little under $2, and will last for a few months…if I stop giving it away! Of course, if you have stains you’ll still need a stain remover. I don’t know any washing powder good enough to remove stains, do you?




Fashionable Habits



Today I share my¬†habits I have learned when it comes to purchasing and wearing clothes. I’m not saying I always get it right, but I get it right more often than not these days.

1. I only wear what fits! Anything that doesn’t gets thrown/given away. If it doesn’t fit people will know and you’ll be and feel uncomfortable and continuously adjust yourself.

2. I think¬†about cost per wear. Basically the more I¬†wear it the cheaper the cost per wear. This rule basically gives me¬†the right to splurge on something¬†I really love and know I’m going to wear. It justifies the cost, ladies!

3. I only wear it if I feel good in it! If I¬†don’t feel good in it then my posture will be wrong and my disappointment will be written all over my face.¬†The cost per wear will also go up because I won’t wear the outfit often enough.

4.¬† I don’t buy orphans. This rule basically means I don’t buy something that doesn’t go with anything else in my¬†wardrobe because if I¬†do and it doesn’t match anything then most likely I have to buy something else to go with it.

5. I don’t¬†buy into trends – I mostly buy and wear classic pieces. They last longer and I¬†can wear any time of the year, day, night. they wont go out of fashion and I¬†can wear them again and again thus keeping my¬†cost per wear down.

6. I know the colours I look good in – black, white and navy blue. These colours are my go-to and most of the clothes in my wardrobe are these colours.

7.¬†I’m becoming a¬†minimalist, this way I¬†know what I¬†own and can easily and quickly throw something on I¬†know is going to look good especially when I’ve followed what I’ve learned above.