15 Minute Mummy Workout!

Before Christmas I borrowed a couple of fitness books from the library and while they are good books with plenty of ideas and workouts to follow I decided to tailor a workout to suite me and my day.

I do this 15 minute workout everyday. If I don’t then I find that I find that I ‘forget’ to get up and do it. The most convenient time for me is around 6 am in the morning before my little one gets up because this is my ‘me’ time.

While I didn’t really start with any routine in mind, I decided to work on areas of my body that would benefit from my exercising and where I would see the difference. For me this is my biceps, triceps, deltoids, pectorals, back, stomach, gluteal muscles and thighs.

The easiest way to exercise these parts of the body is to find the moves that work for you (for example, ‘bicycles’ strains my neck so I just do the leg movements and have my hands under my head while I lay down) and do them working down the body from the arms to the legs so no areas are missed.

To fit everything in 15 minutes I don’t rest between sets, instead I alternate between 2 exercises at a time moving straight into one move from another.

Enough with my dribble, here’s my workout (taken from Tone It Up: 28 Days to Fit, Fierce and Fabulous and 7 Minutes to fit*)!


So all your yummy mummy’s out there I recommend these books to you so you can find you 15 minute mummy routine or feel free to follow mine 🙂


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An Idea That Inspires

The other night I found myself guilty of forgetting to read a bed time story to my son, yet again. So with that in mind I started brainstorming about ways to remind myself to read him a story each night before bed. That’s when I came up with the idea of ‘A-Book-A-Day’. A book a day means that I have 7 books pre-chosen – one for every night of the week stored in an over the door book holder. I was going to make one because I didn’t think they existed, but they do! And I still might make my own book holder but here’s a link to exactly what I had in mind!


Source: Apartment Therapy

DIY Laundry Powder

********************************I no longer use this laundry powder recipe as I found my clothes started to smell! An update on the DIY laundry powder I now use will feature in a future post 🙂 *****************************


In my quest to become more money conscious I have decided to try SAHM’s recipe for laundry powder. What’s great is that there are no fillers added and you only need a teaspoon for each load. Please bear in mind that I own a 5kg top loader and 1 teaspoon seems to be enough to do the job.


SAHM laundry powder



I made only half the amount for a little under $2, and will last for a few months…if I stop giving it away! Of course, if you have stains you’ll still need a stain remover. I don’t know any washing powder good enough to remove stains, do you?




Free Time Fix


1. Watching Orange is the New Black (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njy0dFFlpAc)


girl on the train
2. Reading Girl on the Train (http://www.amazon.com/The-Girl-Train-Paula-Hawkins/dp/1594633665)


3. Flipping through the Elle magazine for July (http://www.elle.com.au/)
3. Flipping through the Elle magazine for July 2015 (http://www.elle.com.au/)


4. Wondering whether or not to update my hairstyle (http://newhairstyleidea.net/best-new-hairstyles-for-fine-straight-hair/taylor-swift-medium-hair-style-straight-medium-haircuts-with-bangs/)


5. Using the Bellini Intelli Kitchen as a glorified mixer for baking (and mashed potato!)

Weekly Wrap Up

Spelling words with Max
Spelling words with Max


Lusting over Greek inspired homewares
Finding Greek inspired home-wares


Loving Salvatore Ferragamo - Signorina Eleganza (now on my wishlist!)
Loving Salvatore Ferragamo – Signorina Eleganza (now on my wishlist!)


Baking these Zesty Lemon Melting Moments
Baking these Zesty Lemon Melting Moments


Getting curls with no effort (by going to sleep with your hair in a bun)
Getting curls with no effort (by going to sleep with your hair in a bun)