March update

This is my vegetable garden. Tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, rocket and two types of lettuce grow here.

I planted them on the hottest Sunday this summer just gone and the heat got to a few, but they are survivors!

The lettuce gets too much sun so next time I’ll rotate the garden 90 degrees so the tomatoes get the most sun.

The rocket grows like crazy!

I have a problem with snails getting to the broccoli leaves which I’ll fix with crushed egg shells scattered around the bottom of each plant.

The tomatoes need staking – this weekend!

The garden gets a good watering every second day minimum and Seasol nutrients sprayed every two weeks. 

The straw has been completely redone once due to weeds. I’m not sure how to stop them – naturally.

I’ve added a a dwarf lemon tree, passion fruit and a banana Palm to the yard, too. They all need potting/put in the ground except the lemon tree which sits in a navy blue pot in the middle of our courtyard.

Pictures to follow!