Thrift n Save

Today I visited a Salvos store making my mum and sister tag along. I just had a feeling I’d find some bargains, so on the way home after the movies we made the visit.

I’m no stranger when it comes to thrift shopping, but I have to have a reason to shop or I won’t go. That goes for all shopping because it’s not something I always enjoy.

I particularly look for branded clothes for the coming seasons. It takes knowing the brands and patience to look through the racks, but it can pay off if you give it a good go AND only buying what you’ll really use and wear. Just be honest with yourself!

Today I found a light wearing fitted jacket from Alannah Hill for $6.25 and a pair of fitted dark blue Nobody jeans for $8.25. A piece for my corporate wardrobe and a piece for my winter wardrobe. Excellent!

I also found a red Tupperware container that I couldn’t pass up, for $3.25. 


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