Freezing Figs

Anyone getting sick of my fig posts, yet? I know I’m getting sick of cooking with them. Especially the jam and chutney because the smell is sickly sweet and it permeates throughout the house!

So today’s post is all about freezing figs. With all my research in freezing my figs as below.

You can freeze them whole or chopped, but I’m freezing them halved. This way I know they are good in the middle and I’m not freezing bad figs taking up valuable freezer space. Also most of my recipes call for halved figs so that job will already be done.

I’m freezing them in medium sized zip-lock bags as that’s what I use anyway. It’s a good size bag for the portions of food I use for my family.

Once frozen they can be left in the freezer for up to 6 months. I’ve read they will be squishy once thawed but still tasty and usable for most cooking.


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